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Elevate your cocktail and invigorate your senses with Sprung. This citrus floral combination delivers a light and refreshing bouquet of flavor to your taste buds. Enjoy this infusion all year round!


Bring out the flavor with bubbles: Try it with club sodas or even topped with champagne. Mix it into a classic gin fizz or even a refreshing lemonade. If you were ever curious about trying tea in a cocktail, this infusion is the one! 


Makes up to 8 drinks. For yummiest results, give it a shake once a day. Contents in jar last up to 1 year in a cool dry environment. Best consumed 1 month after infused.


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    Dehydrated lemons, Lavender buds, Rose buds and Pure cane sugar


    Light, Floral, Refreshing


    Vodka, Gin, Tequila

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